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What Is A Wood Phone Case?

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Every year cell phones become smaller, more advanced, and more expensive. While the underlying technology has advanced rapidly no phone manufacturers have discovered a way to create an indestructible mobile phone. In response, a number of third parties have developed a variety of different types of cell phone cases. One style of case that has recently become popular is the wooden phone case.

Before discussing the different types of wooden cell phone cases, it is important to understand why a cell phone needs protection in the first place. The primary purpose of a cell case is to prevent damage due to drops, spills, and water damage. Having a layer of plastic, leather, or would around a cell phone absorb much of the impact and prevent a cracked screen or unusable phone. Considering the price of replacing a smartphone the addition of a protective case is an inexpensive investment.

When selecting a wood cell phone case there are four primary options to choose from. The first is a natural wood veneer. A natural wood veneer case utilizes a thin laminating cutting of driving near. Not only does it provide a rich textured look but it is also an eco-friendly product and does not contain formaldehyde.

The dyed veneer is another popular choice for those who want a wood case. Instead of using only a thin laminating cutting, the wood is stained and discolored. This provides an overall look which still appears to be natural however the underlying color can be altered to match nearly anything. The key to a durable and good looking dyed veneer is using high-quality stained wood.

Reconstituted veneer is another option. This look is achieved by reconfiguring the laminated veneer or dyed veneer to match a specific pattern. The aspect which makes us unique is the pattern will be artificially created. This provides quality and color that is consistent yet provides a variety of different patterns to choose from.

The final option for wood phone cases speaks to veneer or fumigation veneer. To create this type of look, the veneer is placed through a vacuum fumigation process and introduce to ammonia. During this process, the acid from the ammonia creates a distinctive dark color that accents the natural appearance of the wood nicely.

Phone cases can be made from a variety of different substances ranging from plastic and metals to wood and cloth. These cases will remain popular because they provide a valuable layer of protection for expensive mobile phones. The key is selecting a phone case that matches the user's style and personality. This is the only way to ensure the cases used regularly rather than quickly taken off of the cell phone, leaving it unprotected.